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Snakebusters are industry leaders in terms of reptile health and animal welfare.

When you see Snakebusters, at any kids party, corporate reptile show or school fete, along with their expert staff and their immaculate reptiles, you are seeing the culmination of years of work and a full-time worker in the “back room” keeping things that way.

The many animals you see on the day are only some of the total we have.

Snakebusters often go to several venues at once and each have the ful suite of reptiles at each.  We don’t do half shows for anyone!

Snakebusters are known as Australia’s best reptiles for good reason!

Then there’s the reptiles that don’t come out as well, such as those too young, too old, just fed, in ill health and so on. Even at the best of facilities, like the state-of-the-art Snakebusters compund, reptiles can and do get sick.

While most of our illness is “age related”, (we haven’t cured “old age” yet), we do occasionally deal with other ailments, including infectious diseases, and more importantly the ever-present risk of infectious diseases.

To counter this we have on hand vet supplied prescription drugs to counter all likely ailments as and when they are detected, even if a reptile presents as sick at 2 AM on a weekend.

Part of maintaining our reptiles in peak health is dealing with health issues immediately, and not having to wait when a vet is available to dispense drugs.

The director of Snakebusters is the Snake Man Ray Hoser, university trained and author of countless papers on reptile keeping and more importantly several definitive papers on veterinary medicine published in some of the world’s better-known peer-reviewed journals. While it’s not uncommon to see sick and diseased reptiles with inexperienced reptile exhibitors, this is not the case with Snakebusters.

Our operation puts the reptiles and their welfare first.

We also educate all the children at birthday parties, school shows or school holiday programs about the importance of animal welfare.

Likewise for adults at corporate reptile shows, Melbourne team building events and everywhere else we go.

Nowhere is our commitment to the health and welfare of reptiles more apparent than in our use of surgically devenomized snakes for our venomous snake displays.

While public safety is an obvious benefit of the devenomizing (venomoid) operation, the real benefit is for the venomoid snakes themselves.

Because of danger of bites, venomous snakes (with venom) are generally stick handled (hooks or whatever), with no close contact with a venomous snake, except perhaps if the snake is tormented by “necking” or “tailing”.

Either way, the usual “remote” handling of venomous snakes means that close inspection never occurs and hence proper health examinations are never done.

As a result, venomous snakes elsewhere often get critically ill and die even before the keeper is aware of anything wrong with the snake.

The Snakebusters venomoid snakes are inspected closely daily, even when being handled and hence as a result any health issues are picked up immediately.

They are treated immediately and as a result the Snakebusters venomous snakes are internationally recognised as the best kept and healthiest in the world.

This also reflects in the unrivalled breeding success of Snakebusters who have more breeding success with the world’s most venomous snakes than anyone else.

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