reptile party bookingAustralia's best reptiles® how we care for them.

Caring for the Snakebusters reptiles is a full-time job.

Snakebusters have well over a hundred reptiles used for our hands on mobile reptile shows, Melbourne kids parties and school reptile incursions.

They all need to be fed, cleaned and generally taken care of.

Unlike other licenced reptile demonstrators who operate out of a spare room, basement or garage, Snakebusters house their reptiles in a purpose built facility in suburban Melbourne.

The building is fully climate controlled and most reptiles are housed in individual cages.

You see in the real world, snakes and lizards hate one another and living alone is the most common state of affairs.

Just ask yourself, was the last snake you saw in the bush on itís own?

The answer will probably be yes.

Reptiles housed togeather will have conflict and the top-ranking reptile will dominate and stress the others to the point that their health will suffer.That is why each are housed separately.

It also makes management of reptiles more efficient and easier for the keeper to pick up potential health issues before they become life-threatening.

All the reptiles are numbered, accounted for and monitored daily.

All are fed the best food available and given various worming and other disease prevention drugs as required.We have the best in-house and external veterinary diagnostic expertise and treatment facilities in Australia on hand.

In fact Snakebusters are acknowledged world leaders in numerous areas of veterinary medicine, including treatments of crocodile ailments, protozoan infections, internal parasites, dietary related diseases, diagnosis and treatments for viruses such as IBD, OPMV, reoviruses, pox viruses and so on and also leading breeding and husbandry methods.

The details of all the above have also been published in recognised journals globally.

The health and quality of the Snakebusters reptiles, are yet another reason why Snakebusters are recognised everywhere as Australiaís best reptiles!

Snakebusters are located near the geographical centre of Melbourne for the express purpose of being closest to our main customer base for our hands on Melbourne reptile awareness displays.

This makes it easier for us and better for our customers in that we are less likely to be late or delayed at bookings due to traffic snarls and the like, which is a common issue for wildlife exhibitors located an hour or more from Melbourne.

Thatís also why Snakebusters are alone in Melbourne in not charging surcharges for given suburbs in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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